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Welcome to  I-CAP

Insurance Claim Agents,

ElmWood is the best way to keep your customers happy while keeping insurance claims as low as possible. Here is how it works, we give your customers the attention they deserve, and the best quality craftsmanship when fixing any problems that may occur in their home over time by water damage, leaky pipes, or flooding damage…etc.

ElmWood  does what it takes to make sure that any and all claims that are made when a homeowner calls us for their project are legitimate problems and at the cost it should be. We help ‘you’ the Insurance Agent keep insurance claims as low as possible, and we do our best to weed out any fraudulent activities by home owners that try to get estimates/ proposals beyond the normal cost.

We hope to build a long lasting relationship with you, your customers and the agency you work for.

1.    As a preferred Agent, you will receive incentives for all business you send our way on a referral bases.   (-Ask us for details)

2.    In reality, we really work for you!  Even though we are in your customer’s home or business doing the work that is needed, we still know that it is the insurance company that is paying the bills when fixing the problem(s).  That’s why we like to work directly with you, the agent, to make sure everything is taken care of properly and that nothing is left out or missed in the claim regarding anyone of our services that we provide.  (-Ask for more details)

3.   With our program we have taken care of the many companies and the details in our contracts that will save your insurance agency in the end hundreds, if not, thousands of dollars in claim monies over the years. Thus, making ElmWood Flooring an insurance agency’s dream come true.  (-Ask us for details)

4.    All agents working  with us in our program willing to send us business will receive a referral payment of $25.00 which can add up over time.  Just four (4) referrals will give you $100.00 on us that you can use any way you wish. (-All payouts are made after the referral sent our way signs and dates our proposal/contract and we receive a deposit.)

5.   All Companies that work with us get the ‘royal treatment’ for sending us business, you and your firm will receive gifts and luncheons on us. We believe working together is the only way to grow and we know one hand washes the other. That is way we take care of all our Agents that send work our way. 

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Insurance-Claim Agent Program

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