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    The History of Tile

    Masonry is one of the oldest trades in history. Clay tiles have been around for thousands of years. They were used in the pyramids, in ancient Babylon, and in Greek cities. Ceramic tiles were made out of clay that could be found in riverbeds. They were often decorative and used to add beauty to a

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    Caring For Your Natural Stone Tiles

    The first important step in caring for your natural stone tiles is to seal them soon after you install them. A good sealant will last for a few years, but should be periodically reapplied to remain effective. The sealant will help protect the tile from water damage or oils. When cleaning your floors, steer away

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    Radiant Floor Heating

    If you’re tired of cold hardwood floors beneath your feet in the winter, then radiant floor heating may be the right choice for you! The heat is conducted through the surface of the floor instead of conducted by air. The heat is sent through hot water tubes or electric wires underneath the floor. This is

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    Tiling Your Shower

    When you’re tiling your shower, it’s important to choose the right kind of tile. There are many factors to consider, of course. Porcelain tile is generally a better choice, since the finish is smoother, and it is more water-resistant. It’s also easier to clean. It’s also better to use smaller tiles in the shower, since they

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